Sunday, December 21, 2014

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Birthday Love

This year Ben, the kids and friends made my birthday so enjoyable.  Ben dropped by The Paris and brought me back my favorite meal, the honey lavender chicken, and then served up a delicious cake from Tulie's Bakery.  The kids made me cards and friends sent me some thoughtful gifts.  What really set this birthday apart, however, was my chance to get away for the weekend with Ben.  We went to California and for 3 days did whatever we wanted.  We ate at great restaurants, stayed at a quaint hotel in Calistoga and rented bikes and rode around beautiful vineyards.  I  am a lucky girl!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Big 5

So Lila got not just 1 but 2 birthday parties this year.  I had originally planned a family party up in Logan but Lila wanted a party with some of her preschool friends.  Fortunately she was content with just inviting a few girls and we put together a little tea party.  Per Lila the theme this year was to be mermaids but pretty much anything princess like still made her happy.

The second and larger party took place up in Logan at the Johnson's backyard.  Their yard is big enough that it essentially feels like a park.  All the cousins came over and we barbecued hamburgers and chicken.  Lila was "spoiled good" as her Grandma Johnson puts it and came home with a trunk full of presents.  She also requested that she graduate from the balance bike and so we got her a real bike that she is currently working on learning how to ride.

Saturday, July 6, 2013


The first place Liam and Lila wanted to go when we got to Paris was the Eiffel Tower.  When we eventually got there we decided that the line was too long and wasn't worth the hours of waiting.  We ended up strolling around the tower and the park.  Liam said it was enough just to touch it!  We also found a delicious Italian restaurant nearby and then found a ferry that took us on a ride along the Seine.     

The day we made it to the Louvre it was freezing!  Again we decided it was too hard to take the kids inside and opted instead to go across the street to the smaller Museum de Orsay.  I was not disappointed since the museum is inside an old train station and there are lots of sculptures for the kids to see.  Paris has such an amazing amount of fantastic artwork!  It is hard to go wrong going in any of these museums.  

Another day we found a great place for croissants and hot chocolate and met a woman who told us we had to go to Napolean's tomb and the war museum.  Liam thought some of the old tanks, swords and guns were cool but after learning more about world war I and II decided it was just frightening and wanted to get out of there.  I don't blame him at all.  Seeing all the gas masks and holocaust photos made me want to run.

Ben and I found one afternoon where we were able to leave the kids at the apartment with the babysitter and visit the Arc de Triumph and walk down the Champ de Elysees.  We also figured out the Metro system and wondered up to Montmarte and later made it to see a quartet play at Saint Chapelle.

On our last day in Paris it finally warmed up and we visited the Rodin Museum and Luxembourg gardens.  The gardens at the Rodin museum are lovely and it is so fun to see all of Rodin's sculptures scattered along different pebbled paths.  Last but not least Lila was able to ride an old carousel in the Luxembourg gardens before we went back to our apartment and packed.  The kids did great and hopefully this will be a memorable trip for them.